Render Us Null and Void

If you’re looking for work like me, the following blog post may resonate with you on multiple levels. I am sure the frustration of seeking employment via recruitment agencies is felt by many. Hi, I am SMJ and I have been actively looking for work since the past four months. I am a Masters of … Continue reading

PIA Employees

In wake of PIA’s possible privatisation, a lot of people have taken to social media to give their 2 cents worth. Fair enough, it is a debate of public interest. However, most of the statuses I have read are targeted on PIA’s employees – not the organisation as a whole but the employees alone. Facebook … Continue reading

Atheism or Ignorance?

Earlier today at work, a temp very proudly stated how she always thought Noah was a fictional character and that ‘Noah’s Ark’ was just a book at school. No, she was not kidding. Jade honestly did not know about Noah and how can I be certain? Jade genuinely appeared to be perplexed that Noah not only … Continue reading

For My Grand-Parents

The history of our grandparents is remembered not with rose petals but in the laughter and tears of their children and their children’s children. It is into us that the lives of grandparents have gone. It is in us that their history becomes a future. -Charles and Ann Morse For me, grandparents are really important. … Continue reading

Death: An Endless Speculation

Have you ever noticed on receiving news of a person’s death, the first questioned raised is “how?” That’s not where we stop, we carry on with our list of questions… Where did X die? Was X alone? Was X not keeping well? What did the Drs say about X? How is X’s family doing? Has … Continue reading

Unanswered Questions

Every time you hear of someone’s death and the mourning process starts, one begins to wonder why did the deceased have to depart? If it’s someone who was old, we console ourselves with the thought “They were old, they had lived their life”. If someone was ill, we comfort ourselves with “At least the pain … Continue reading

Nadir Ali Khan Chang

I just learned the news that you have left us: your family, your friends and this world. To be very honest, I am in shock. I can’t believe that a friend of mine, who is my age and was so full of life has is not with us anymore. Honestly, I don’t know where and … Continue reading

Sindh Government Strikes Again

News just in the Sindh Government has decided to block all instant and voice messaging services clients over the internet i.e. Skype, Whatsapp, Viber and potentially, many others. A conclusive list has not been issued as yet. The action has been taken by CM Qaim Ali Shah, IG Karachi, DG Rangers and undisclosed representatives of … Continue reading

A Gay Pakistan (?)

“Sex between men will be overlooked as long as no-one feels that tradition or religion are being challenged. At the end of it all, everyone gets married to a member of the opposite sex and nothing is spoken about.” The above is a quote from an article I just read on BBC[1] about a very … Continue reading

Movie: The Croods

Last night, I watched the animated movie The Croods. A brief synopsis is that a family trying to survive in a pre-historic world without actually ever trying any thing new. Their motto as a family is to always be afraid and that belief is reflected in the first scene when they emerge out of a … Continue reading